Welcome to Four Windows

One day, as Christine and Jessie were drinking coffee, the conversation turned – as it often does – to writing.

We’d both had a recent breakthrough, it turns out.

Jessie had discovered that rather than laboring years over frustrating novels that spiraled slowly out of control, she could apply the lessons she’d learned as a copywriter to her fiction. If she could write excellent blog posts about consumer metrics and career development on a deadline, she reasoned, she surely couldn’t claim writer’s block when it came to her fiction.

Christine had recently begun her MFA program, and was finding her voice in poetry – a medium she hadn’t previously explored. She was buzzing with ideas, and feeling more creative than she had in years. Rather than spending months polishing the gleam out of her creative nonfiction pieces, she was finding that her poetry could spring glittering and sharp from a few day’s work.

In short, we’d both discovered (remembered?) that writing is fun.

It can be tough. It can be infuriating. It can make you want to throw your computer against the wall.

But if at some level you’re not actually having fun, then why are you writing?

In no time flat we’d decided we simply must start Four Windows as a way of sharing our discovery with friends. We’d rope them in with us, we reckoned, and make them sign a blood pact to write a novel over the course of the year. With the combined stick-and-carrot of a strict deadline and a supporting community, we figured we could scare the joy of writing back into them.

We hope you’ll join us.

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