Striding into the Future!

As our first issue of Four Windows has been winding up, Christine and I have been doing a lot of thinking about what direction we’d like to move in for the future. It’s involved a lot of late nights, a lot of coffee, and a lot of scribbling down and discarding of ideas. (The Four Windows office area is currently awash in metaphorically crumpled pages.) We’ve come up with some ideas that we think are pretty great, and we’re excited to finally be able to share them with you!

Four Windows was always envisioned as a place for authors who have, for any reason, not previously felt welcome or comfortable publishing genre fiction to have the opportunity to get their stories out, and we are very much still committed to that. We feel, however, that the Four Windows label does not adequately express this idea. It fits so perfectly with the four-authors-four-novels-one-city theme, though, so while we are changing the name and aesthetic of the company as a whole, we want to keep Four Windows as the name of this specific project, which we absolutely intend to run again soon!

So what direction are we moving for the company as a whole? I’m so glad you asked. After razorgirlpress-logomuch discussion, argument, despair, and ultimately satisfaction, we are ready to launch our new press name: Razorgirl Press. We will be moving our operations over to that name and that website from here on forward. So if you’ve friended us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter or one of our other social media outlets, please head on back and re-add us as Razorgirl Press! You can find us at Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr so far!

In other great news, we are ready to start preselling some of our novels! We will have links to their Amazon pages on the new website once they go live. Shifting Borders is scheduled to release at the end of October (and makes a great ghost story for the holiday!) and the others are scheduled for the end of November.

We want to thank everyone for your continued support for this project, and we hope you’ll continue your support as we move into future endeavors in genre fiction!

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