Launching: Books and More

Saturday night at Four Windows headquarters, we had a wonderful group of friends and family over to celebrate the release of our final issue of Four Windows: Seattle. We had the chance to read a section from each of the books and to see and hear reader reaction to the stories as they were read. With the help of our trusty and hard-working interns, we put on quite a bash, and the energy was intoxicating (helped along by cocktails, of course.)

We also had a preview launch of our upcoming Indiegogo campaign. The official launch is this Friday, and we have some great perks available for anyone who donates within the first 48 hours. We’ll send out another announcement on the launch date, so keep an eye out for it!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Indiegogo is a crowdfunding site. What that means is that they allow people (individuals or business) to use their platform to gather funds for some project–in our case, printing and promoting novels–from anyone who is willing to back them. Hence the term “backer.” A backer is someone who chooses to contribute to the project monetarily. In return, they get regular updates on how the project is moving along, the satisfaction of seeing something they helped produce come to life, and, of course, a perk of some sort. Perks are incentives given to people who pledge support at certain levels. (For more information on how Indiegogo works, check out their website.)

What we’re looking to get from the Indiegogo is funding to physically print each of the novels and to promote and sell them all down the west coast. Please keep an eye out for the launch. Even if you don’t feel you can contribute financially, we would love to have your support in spreading the news to your own network of friends, family, and acquaintances. Help us keep opening up the world of genre fiction to unheard voices!

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