Last Chance Dance for Romance (or horror, or urban fantasy, or dystopian…)

We are in the midst of our last week of the Indiegogo campaign, and we wanted to talk a little about where we are in the campaign and why, more than ever, we need your help now.

When we set about looking into crowdfunding campaigns, we shopped around a bit for which crowdfunding site would be best for us. One of the main reasons we chose Indiegogo as our platform was that it offers the option of setting it up so that, even if you don’t reach your goal, you still get to keep the funds you’ve raised.

We set a very ambitious goal, and we were fully aware that we might not even come close to it in our fundraising efforts. We still wanted to set a high goal because we wanted to be honest about our ambitions. The $50,000 goal is what we would need to publish, print, and promote our four novels on the scale we think they deserve. Admittedly, we think very highly of them.

However, every donation we receive before the end of the campaign means that much more promotion we can do for the novels. We want to get these amazing stories out to as many people as possible, and every dollar raised helps us get them out to that much wider an audience.

So if you’ve been considering donating, now is the time. The campaign closes at midnight PST on Monday, and after that, you’ll lose your opportunity to be a part of this amazing project. Please contribute if you can, and whether you can or not, please share the campaign with everyone you know, giving them the chance to be a part of this as well. (If you’ve already contributed, you can always contribute again and choose a higher level perk! All of our perks contain everything from the previous perks, so you wouldn’t be missing anything!)

As a reminder, the Indiegogo is currently the only place you can pre-order the individual novels! It’s also the only place you can get some of our wonderful perks.

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