Last Chance Dance for Romance (or horror, or urban fantasy, or dystopian…)

We are in the midst of our last week of the Indiegogo campaign, and we wanted to talk a little about where we are in the campaign and why, more than ever, we need your help now. When we set about looking into crowdfunding campaigns, we shopped around a bit for which crowdfunding site would be best for us. One… Read more →

The Book Hangover

It’s 3:47 in the morning and physically, you feel terrible. Your head is pounding, your eyes are aching and strained from overuse, and you have an appalling knot on your lower back. The tea in front of you is disturbingly cold and maybe—just maybe—you forgot to drink anything at all in the last six to seven hours. In fact, you… Read more →

Little Free Library

If you often pass through neighborhoods whilst driving or like to take walks, you may have noticed large, mailbox-looking contraptions filled with books. You may have even stopped to take a look, asking yourself, “Just what are these boxes for?” The answer is simple: the boxes are tiny libraries. And they are for you. While they may not hold nearly… Read more →

The next big thing!

As we mentioned in our last post, there are a lot of changes coming down the wire for Four Windows Books, and here is the first! Part of what we aim to do with Four Windows is to help support new and underrepresented authors as they seek to get their words out to the public. In service of this goal,… Read more →

Big News!

Changes are afoot here at Four Windows Books! Starting this summer, Jessie Kwak will be stepping down as editor. She will continue to be involved behind the scenes, but most of her current duties will be taken over by Alisha A. Knaff. The first three parts of Alisha’s novel School of Sight are available now, and the conclusion will be… Read more →