Big News!

Changes are afoot here at Four Windows Books! Starting this summer, Jessie Kwak will be stepping down as editor. She will continue to be involved behind the scenes, but most of her current duties will be taken over by Alisha A. Knaff. The first three parts of Alisha’s novel School of Sight are available now, and the conclusion will be published in July. Alisha is excited to be stepping into this position and looks forward to bringing her editing experience and passion for storytelling to the Four Windows team.

As we make this shift in leadership, keep an eye out for more announcements about the direction of Four Windows’ future.

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  1. Robin Knaff
    June 3, 2015 at 8:31 am

    So proud of my daughter and her accomplishments, she will do an amazing job as editor. Congratulations, Alisha!

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