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Four Windows is a serial quarterly for readers who love perspective, and enjoy their fiction in fun-sized portions.

Each series revolves around a single city, as seen through the lens of four different authors, as told in four parts. Each issue contains a part of four different novels, which will be published in full at the end of the series.

The inaugural issue was released September 15, 2014, and features Seattle, Washington. You can grab your free copy here.

Four Windows is the brainchild of Christine Smith and Jessie Kwak, who are apparently very very good at finding more projects to fill their already scarce hours. Jessie has since moved on to other pursuits, but her position was taken over by Alisha Knaff.


Chief Editors

About Christine

IMG_0215Christine Smith is a writer in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program at University of Washington. She lives in a cramped little flat in South Seattle with her two small children and her husband. Much of her energy is spent trying to convince her husband to go back to a land line telephone.

She loves Seattle because of the color green and the diversity in people and because weird is the norm and because community is rich here and because creativity is everywhere and because when she walks down the streets she feels the wind and the mist and the love and can really breathe.

About Alisha

Alisha2Alisha A. Knaff lives in Seattle with her three cats, who consistently assure her that she is in no danger of becoming a crazy cat lady. She recently abandoned her day job of striving to impress upon teenagers the importance of the Oxford comma for the glamorous world of running a startup publishing company. By night she still weaves bizarre imaginations into hopefully coherent tales.

Alisha loves Seattle because she is a pluviophile, and because the secret to time travel is, in fact, a healthy dose of rain and a vitamin D deficiency. Also, all the cool people live here or secretly want to.

Fresh Eyes Editor

About Precious

me07Precious Sanders is the epitome of contradiction. Foreign-born and domestically raised, she is a deeply introverted, Type A individual with a passion for everything from books to rock music to kittens to tattoos. When not seeking out more pies to stick her thumbs into, she blogs about baseball and attempts to achieve a respectable 5K time.

If Seattle had a Midwestern step-child, it would be Lawrence, Kansas, and it is there that Precious currently makes her livelihood.

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